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March 7, 2016 / ftth

Properly cancelling a gobject action

When you use glib’s timeout_add or idle_add (examples below are for python), you can cancel the action before it is run by executing source_remove.

def action():
 return False
tid = gobject.timeout_add(1000, action)

However, if the action was already run, the source_remove will trigger the following warnings in the terminal output:

GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID XXX was not found when attempting to remove it

The documentation states that “It is a programmer error to attempt to remove a non-existent source.” because “source IDs can be reissued after a source has been destroyed”

If you use gobject to schedule a large number of actions, it means that upon cancelling the actions batch, you will end up with tons of warnings on the terminal for each action that has already been run.

I encountered this issue while developing a python benchmarking script that uses gobject to schedule the execution of simulated users. Before running the mainloop, gobject.timeout_add is used for one-time execution of adding simulated users during the test duration. Every source id is stored inside a list so that upon cancelling, we can batch-cancel them; however, there is no way to tell if a particular action id is still valid, so batch-cancelling is done on all actions (regardless if they have been executed already or not).

A way to fix this (thanks to matplotlib‘s zeroSteiner for the tip) is to get the gobject mainloop context, and check if the gobject action source id is still in the execution queue:

context = ml.get_context()
action = context.find_source_by_id(tid)
if action and not action.is_destroyed():

However, the documentation states that “It is a programmer error to attempt to lookup a non-existent source.”, so maybe that’s not the cleanest way. If you know a better one, please let me know.



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